Dr Brenda M. Parker – founder; director
Dr Brenda Parker is a Biochemical Engineer. Her doctoral studies investigated how directed evolution for could be applied to alter substrate specificity in biocatalysis. For the last six years she has been working on applied algal research, beginning at the University of Cambridge with a project funded by Royal Dutch Shell to investigate enzymatic downstream processing of microalgae using a bioinspired approach. Since then, Brenda has worked at the interface of academia and industry on two major EU-funded research projects: the Innovation InCrops Network and the Energetic Algae project. She is currently a lecturer in the Department of Biochemical Engineering at University College London.
In 2013 Brenda co-authored the NERC/Innovate UK Roadmap for Algal Technologies. She has also provided consultancy for a wide range of companies such as AB Sugar, Cambridge Water, SITA and LooWatt. Her expertise includes developing process flowsheets, investigating industrial symbiosis or evaluating commercial potential of biorefinery projects.
Brenda’s approach is highly interdisciplinary, and Brenda has collaborated with architecture firms and designers to realise projects such as the Algaegarden for the Metis International Garden Festival in Quebec, along with installations in London for Secret Cinema, FARM:shop and CityLab.


Dr Matthew P. Davey – founder; director
Dr Matt Davey is a plant and algal physiologist and chemical ecologist at the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge. His key interests are in understanding the diversity of metabolism in natural ecosystems and controlled environments and how such knowledge can be translated for innovation purposes by collaborating with industrial partners involved in bioenergy and natural high value products.
He specialises in advanced metabolite profiling, a process known as metabolomics and is currently working on the EU INTERREG EnAlgae programme and collaborating with the British Antarctic Survey to study the growth and chemical composition of terrestrial algae and other plants within the Antarctic environment.


Prof Alison G. Smith – scientific advisor